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Curated Collection Of The Best Interviews From Our Sandy Springs Studio

Stan Peake with InSite Performance Coaching


Stan Peake / InSite Performance Coaching, LTD
Business and Performance Coach

Stan PeakeStan was born to be a coach. In fact, he cannot help but coach. Through his passion for helping others unleash their potential, Stan ‘fell into’ his first 2 leadership positions, and there was no turning back. Stan’s first foray into running his own business came at the age of 21. He started his own personal training business, which grew to require an additional fitness trainer. At 31 he bought into his 2nd business, which went through a merger and acquisition by a larger holding company. Stan later founded InSite Performance Coaching LTD in 2015 “to help values-based leaders live their dreams”. In Stan’s words (and InSite’s # 1 Core Value), “it’s better to be scared and uncomfortable passionately chasing your dreams than it is to be comfortable but unfulfilled”. Stan also has a minority interest in another company, and continues to build InSite to help achieve it’s vision of helping 10,000 values-based to leaders live their dreams!

When not coaching others, Stan enjoys travelling and spending time with his wife Maria, son Chase, and dog Zeke. He also loves achieving goals off of his infamous bucket list.

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Atul Tandon with Opportunity International


Atul Tandon / Opportunity International

Atul TandonAtul Tandon is presently the US CEO of Opportunity International. He is an entrepreneur, non profit leader, and advisor with a wealth of experience in consumer banking, community organization, and international humanitarian relief. Born and raised in India, Mr. Tandon started in financial services and then went on to global leadership roles with Citibank, World Vision, and the United Way. He has been entrenched in both the for profit and non profit worlds, and was a founding member of Bono’s ONE campaign as well as World Vision’s HOPE initiative.

Following his time on the executive team of these organizations, both leading fundraising and supporting microfinance, he founded his own advisory team, the Tandon Institute, which focuses on accelerating social enterprises.

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Stacey Ruth, Author of Truth and Dare: Inside Out Marketing

Stacey Ruth


Stacey Ruth / Truth & Dare: Inside Out Marketing
Marketing Author and Speaker

Stacey Ruth is a highly acclaimed entrepreneur and marketer. Over the past 25 years she has accumulated numerous awards and certifications, including Certified ROI Professional, Top 50 Entrepreneurs by Catalyst Magazine, Top 100 Event Agencies by Event Marketer Magazine, Top Meeting Planners to Watch in Convention South Magazine. She has been a founding partner of two multi-million dollar agencies: The WOW Factory, and most recently, Actio Marketing.

Through her experience with Fortune 1000 companies as well as start-ups, she has seen over and over again the common challenges every marketer faces, regardless of their level of expertise. She shares with organizations and individuals how skill can be meaningless when a sense of Purpose is lacking or discordant.  Her unique technique of unearthing key assumptions that undermine success is truly remarkable, and she shares it through her books, her blog Insight Out, her presentations and seminars. She is on a mission to change the way the world thinks about marketing.

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Josh Bernstein with Josh Bernstein Media


Josh Bernstein / Josh Bernstein Media
Owner and Principal Consultant


Josh BernsteinJosh Bernstein is one of Atlanta’s leading independent digital media consultants and a seasoned expert when it comes to paid search marketing and Google AdWords. He has a successful history working with businesses, startups & agencies who want to get their website ranked on Google’s sponsored (aka paid) listings at a very reasonable cost for agency-quality level of work.

His paid search umbrella includes account management, copywriting, keyword expansion, ad extensions & more. Josh also handles Facebook advertising, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads plus Google display, Google remarketing, print media & media & marketing strategy/consulting.

With over 15 years in advertising and over 10 years in digital media, Josh is the right choice for all your paid search marketing needs. With his extensive experience in working on PPC accounts of all sizes and in every way imaginable (ad copy, ad copy rotation, keyword optimization, match type optimization, account reorganization, budget management of nearly $50 million, client reporting and more).

He has been certified by Google four-times as an AdWords Qualified Professional and last year attained the title of a Google Advertising Specialist.

Past clients including JCPenney, Meda Pharmaceuticals, Hooters, Mitsubishi & others can attest to the quality of Josh’s work, professionalism and integrity.



Rick Garlick with JD Power


Rick Garlick / JD Power
Global Practice Lead for Travel and Hospitality


Rick GarlickRick Garlick is the Global Travel and Hospitality Practice Lead at J.D. Power. He is responsible for providing industry thought leadership to the company’s clients in the hotel, destination, rental car, airline, and cruise line industries, as well as for creating new products and revenue opportunities to grow the practice.

Dr. Garlick joined J.D. Power in 2013 after nearly 20 years of consumer and employee research experience with two of the most prestigious research companies in North America: The Gallup Organization and Maritz Research.  He has been a trusted advisor to many senior leaders of premier organizations, as well as a nationally recognized thought leader in the area of hospitality and employee engagement research. He has a diverse research and consulting background that includes extensive experience with travel and hospitality research; employee engagement measurement and training; talent selection; brand research; customer satisfaction and loyalty programs; image and awareness studies; and national opinion polling.

Earlier in his career, Dr. Garlick worked in financial services, utilities, manufacturing, entertainment, media, retail, association, and not-for-profit research. Prior to entering the private sector, he taught courses in research methods, marketing, and persuasive communication at Michigan State University and DePaul University in Chicago.

A frequent conference speaker, Dr. Garlick has published numerous articles in industry and academic journals. He has also appeared on such national media outlets as MSNBC, CNBC, CNNfn, Bloomberg Television, and National Public Radio, as well as being quoted in a number of national publications.

Currently, Dr. Garlick serves as chair of the Research Committee for the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association (HSMAI) Foundation Board. Previously, he served in a similar function for Meeting Professionals International (MPI).

Dr. Garlick received a Ph.D. in communication studies from Michigan State University.

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Patrick Lynch with The Frontier Group and Karen Nowicki with Deep Impact

Patrick Lynch and Karen Nowicki


Patrick Lynch / The Frontier Group

Pat leads The Frontier Group on strategy, client service, innovation, and business development. He is responsible for driving growth and strategic partnerships. He also is directly involved in many of the outplacement, talent development, assessment tool implementation and executive coaching programs. Before his leadership role at The Frontier Group, Pat had a 25-year consumer products marketing career with such companies as Georgia Pacific, Kao Brands, Kraft, HON and Neenah Paper.

In addition to his responsibilities at The Frontier Group, he is also on the board of Special Pops – a tennis-based non-profit for the mentally challenged. Pat is also active in several faith-based career ministries in the Atlanta area along with several youth based mentoring programs through the Atlanta SHRM chapter. Pat has an MBA in Marketing from Michigan State and BA in Secondary Education from The University of Michigan.

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Karen Nowicki / Deep Impact Leadership
Energy and Mindset Coach

Karen Nowicki is the founder of Deep Impact Leadership and known as the trusted advisor for high profile clients who are serious about moving from success to significance.

Working with doctors, CEO’s, non-profit founders, politicians and researchers, Nowicki helps leaders embody success principals, social responsibility, stellar communication and thought leadership so they can have a profound impact on their organizations, patients and constituents.



Vicki Escarra with Opportunity International


Vicki Escarra / Opportunity International

Vicki EscarraMs. Escarra has an accredited background in microfinance-driven philanthropy, and has played a longstanding role as a dynamic operator in Chicago business. Under her leadership at Opportunity International, she achieved recent successes in forging strategic international partnerships such as the Cisco grant allocation and participation at the GEC 2017 panel. Through Opportunity International, she also stewarded Chicago to become a bastion for supporting entrepreneurship through Digital Financial Service endeavors, such as mobile banking, and targeted training in emerging markets worldwide.

Ms. Escarra is pleased to reflect on her lengthy career in Chicago, and to provide insight into the motivation behind her exit from Opportunity International, her next steps, and the trajectory of this organization.

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Sam Agarwal with AppZoro Technologies, Lisa Ann Landry with Paradigm Shifts Training and Development and Lauren Hunt with Rep Your Act

Paradigm Shifts Training and Development


Sam Agarwal / AppZoro Technologies, Inc.
Founder and CEO

Sam Agarwal is an Innovative Applications Developer. Sam is the founder and CEO of AppZoro Technologies, Inc. – an experienced team of full-stack mobile app developers and web designers. He holds a BS in Computer Science and is working on his Master’s at Georgia Tech. Sam is an Advisor of Mobile App Technology for the Atlanta Tech Village, one of the U.S. leading co-working space entities located in Atlanta, Georgia.

From concept to market-ready digital product, AppZoro is your single-source for everything from complex programming and database development to payment integrations and front-end design. With AppZoro’s in-house team of Agile Coders and Inventive Designers, you’ll get consistent high-quality work at a startup-friendly price.

Sam is also an experienced businessman. In addition to the work he does with AppZoro, he is Vice President of Sara Hospitality – an international, family-owned furniture manufacturer based in India, serving the US hospitality industry. He has been materially involved since he was 18 and is responsible for procurement, marketing, sales, customer service and finance for the business. In this role, he has learned the key elements of “grind” to build a successful startup.

Through Atlanta Tech Village, and as a private consultant, Sam helps business owners develop sound digital strategies that leverage both current and emerging technologies to increase revenues, streamline productivity, attract investors, and nurture customer relationships.

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Lisa Ann Landry / Paradigm Shifts Training and Development

Lisa Ann Landry is a social media strategist and the President of Paradigm Shifts Training and Development, a company that has three primary lines of business – content development and delivery, vision board workshops and retreats, and social media/e-mail marketing strategy. Lisa Ann is no stranger to the challenges of small business ownership, having spent 21 years as an entrepreneur after a 14-year career in corporate America.

Lisa Ann is a certified coach who has combined her technical aptitude, developed from her years working at IBM, with her leadership and training skills to address the demands that small business owners have with understanding and crafting social media and e-mail marketing strategy. Today Lisa Ann works with service based entrepreneurs to advance their use of social media to market their products and services. Her high-impact content marketing strategies help entrepreneurs boost their online image and visibility, protect their reputation, and improve business results.

Lisa Ann is the best-selling author of Content Marketing: How to Get Started: The Little Pink Spoons Method, a book born out of working with clients who wanted a guide to step them through creating a content marketing strategy. She is an international trainer, a Constant Contact Authorized Local Expert and consultant. She is a frequent guest on radio talk shows on the subject of social media marketing strategy.

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Lauren Hunt / Rep Your Act Acting Competition
Founder / Creator

Lauren is the CEO of HOTT (Hunt’s Over the Top) Theatre for Children, created to share the gift of theatre with children. Her credentials include a bachelor’s degree in Theatre from Auburn University, a Masters of Elementary Education, and a personal resume of acting in many stage plays and short films.