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Russell Clark with LNL Agency and Patrick Renn with The Renn Wealth Management Group

Patrick Renn and Russell Clark


Russell Clark / LNL Agency
Managing Partner

Russell Clark is a seasoned event marketing and management professional with 18 years of experience in sports and entertainment activations for general and multicultural demographics. He joined the LNL team as Managing Partner in 2014 providing expertise in Strategy and Branding for the agency. Since joining LNL, Clark has contributed to the growth of the agency, accomplishing a 30% increase in revenue, year over year. LNL boasts client partnerships with The Coca – Cola Company, Jack Daniels, Delta Airlines and more.

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Patrick Renn / The Renn Wealth Management Group
Founder and President

Patrick Renn, founder and president of The Renn Wealth Management Group, has dedicated his career to helping his clients pursue their financial goals by guiding them through a detailed planning process.

In his bestselling book, “Finding Your Money’s Greater Purpose: How to Make Your Legacy Count,” Renn discusses the important role that charitable estate planning plays in the lives of his clients. As a sought-out expert in his field, Renn has appeared on Good Day Atlanta, WCNN Atlanta, FOX, ABC and CNN as a financial educator and speaker.

As a Certified Financial Planner practitioner for more than four decades, he adheres to the CFFP Board’s code of ethics for integrity, objectivity, competence, fairness, confidentiality professionalism and diligence.

Renn also prides himself on helping his clients give back to their communities in a positive and lasting way. He enjoys helping his high-net-worth business owners and professionals leave a legacy by making the most of their gift planning, as well as assisting charities that want to increase their endowment through planned giving.

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Dr. Simone Josey: Speaker, Consultant and Author


Dr. Simone Josey / Dr. Simone International

Success enthusiast, Dr. Simone Josey, is a speaker and published author in the field of success, customer service skills and professional development. Her book, More Than Medicine: What They Don’t Teach You in Medical, MA, Nursing or PA School, is gaining popularity as a ‘medical customer service’ resource. She has been a professional/keynote speaker for over a decade and has been practicing medicine for almost a decade.  Dr. Josey has received 5 star patient ratings on account of her personal research, development, and implementation of outstanding best practices in enhancing the patient experience through excellence in bedside manner and customer service.  Most recently, Dr. Simone has been consulted to give employee customer service training for the Albany, GA Marine Corps base clinic, as well as national medical conferences.

Dr. Josey provides tailored employee training for multiple medical practices. She also works one on one with healthcare professionals for education and training in medical soft skills.  Her macroscopic view of medicine as a surgically trained podiatrist, coupled with her microscopic perspective with a Public Health Masters, makes Dr. Simone Josey a unique voice in the marketplace.

Her presentations are described as witty, confident and thought-provoking.  Dr. Simone Josey has been featured on television, in radio, and in online and print publications.  She hosts a weekly Success Enthusiasts’ Call with national and international listeners.

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Alan Allard: Sales Performance Coach



Alan Allard /
Sales Growth Expert/Coach/Speaker/Trainer

Alan is a former psychotherapist and an expert in human behavior and performance who now coaches and trains sales professionals for dramatic sales results. As a therapist, Alan enabled his clients to overcome their biggest challenges in life. As a sales coach, Alan empowers salespeople to overcome their biggest sales challenges. His message is straightforward; salespeople don’t fail because they don’t know what action to take–they fail because they don’t take that action. If that’s the problem, what’s the solution? It’s to empower salespeople to empower themselves by coaching themselves. Coaches unlock performance potential. By all means, let’s coach our salespeople. And along the way, let’s empower them to be their own coach. Why? Because a salesperson who can coach themselves past their doubts, fears and challenges, is the salesperson who takes action and that’s how you dramatically increase your sales.

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Jennie Rodriguez with andTransformation

Jennie Rodriguez


Jennie Rodriguez / andTransformation

Jennie Rodriguez leads innovative strategic change, with a specific focus on moving organizations forward, under the brand and Transformation. Jennie works to make change in organizations better, easier and less disruptive. She is a forward-focused leader who aligns organizations to design and deliver al-ways-evolving, transformative change. Rodriguez connects leaders and organizations across boundaries to work together differently to accelerate growth. She specializes in partnering with leaders across the organization to translate growth strategies into disciplined transformation programs that deliver monetary and cultural benefits to people, the organization, investors and shareholders.

Jennie brings over 25 years’ consulting and industry experience in aligning organizations to design and deliver transformative change. Jennie has worked in organizations large and small in multiple sectors including financial services, consumer products, manufacturing and distribution.