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Curated Collection Of The Best Interviews From Our Sandy Springs Studio

Andreas Jones with Combat Business Coaching and Nicholas Dixon with JD PALLAS Corporation


Andreas Jones / Combat Business Coaching
CEO and Principal Business Strategist, Leadership Advisor and Marketing Strategist

Andreas is the Founder of Combat Business Coaching, #1 Bestselling author of Business Leader Combat, Business Strategist, Leadership Advisor, Marketing Strategist, Contributor at The Huffington Post, member of The Forbes Coached Council and Army Combat Veteran. Andreas works with small and medium-sized businesses and help them build meaningful businesses so that they can have more profits, fans and freedom. Service in the US Army forged Andreas’s character. It tested him, tested his endurance, faith, and internal fortitude. He describes it as “a trial by fire” and remains profoundly grateful for it. When he finally left the Army he did so with an astute understanding of self-ownership, implementing a vision, and the value in establishing trust and reputation. Jones applied all that he had learned serving his country to a series of jobs, including that of a VP at Sun Trust Bank. Each of his positions have endowed him with the type of knowledge required to start his own business and to provide a workable schematic for others to follow. Andreas has taken his hard-won Army lessons into the world of business, continuing to learn new skills and insight. Each fresh challenge, project or position has helped him grow into the individual he is today.

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Nicholas B. Dixon / JD Pallas Corp 
Business Development

Nicholas B. Dixon AKA Nic, THE REALTOR®,  is an avid reader that loves learning about new things.  If you sum up his passions in two words, it would be innovation and people.  “Strengths Finder 2.0” by Tom Rath, has an online assessment tool the perfectly describes his strongest personality traits. The attribute is called, Activator.  An Activator “can easily energize the plans and ideas of others.” The recurring question of an Activator is, “When can we start?”

Nic  holds a real estate license in the state of Georgia and started a company called JD PALLAS Realtors. His team follows in that spirit of continued education, and holds specialized certifications to service Buyers, Sellers, Senior Citizens, and Military clientèle at the highest possible level. He has aligned himself with the most powerful broker in Atlanta, Keller Williams. His office has more closed transactions than 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place companies do combined. With over a decade of real estate education and sales experience, Nic has identified the secret to selling real estate faster, and for more money than the average agent.  He sold his first house in less than a week, with multiple offers, and for above asking price.

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Indra Turnbull with WorkForceConnexion

Lee, Stone and Indra

Indra Turnbull / WorkForceConnexion
President and CEO

Indra began her career in London working in the media and technology industries. Upon moving to the US she joined Fuqua Industries, a publicly traded conglomerate. Indra was part of the senior leadership team, involved in both acquisitions and divestitures of portfolio companies. Leveraging her experience in the technology space, she later created a business model that aimed at revolutionizing the social printing industry by using adaptive technology. The business was ultimately sold to a major industry player. Indra then went on to develop a proprietary technology, ApplicantAnalytics™ that assesses and matches candidates to specific positions with nearly 100% success rate over the past 10 years. Indra is taking this experience to address workforce needs by bringing together hiring managers with professionals focused on speed of match and quality of candidates as competitive factors in business today.


Founded in September 2016, WorkForceConnexion is a privately held start up, which is the brainchild of Indra Turnbull and an entrepreneurial team of executive management, founders and board members with extensive experience in developing specialized technology solutions for a wide variety of industries.





Rachel Lauziere with The Swan Center for Plastic Surgery

img_2477Rachel Lauziere, Spa Director at The Swan Center

As Director of the Swan Center Spa, Rachel has made it her personal mission to give patients the results they want in less time. A devoted mom and millennial, Rachel understands that not everyone can put life on pause to recover, and feels that non-invasive technology is the way of the future. She is committed to offer the best options to patients in Atlanta. If Hollywood has it, and it’s safe, she wants it here.

Thanks to an amazing surgical team that supports her passion for cutting edge non-invasive treatments, she uses the latest technology to reduce fat without incisions, erase lines from the face with lasers, and tighten the skin with thermal energy. Rachel ensures that visits to the spa are easy, rejuvenating, and specialized to the needs of her clients.


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Steve Youngblood and Ray Goodman with Software Paradigms International (SPI)


Steve Youngblood / SPI
Vice President of Product Management

Steve the Vice President of Product Management for SPI’s products division and has over 25 years of experience in the software industry. Most recently, Steve was the Co-Founder and CEO of SaaS CRM vendor Salestrakr, also an Atlanta-based company.

Steve received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Florida and his MBA from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.



Ray Goodman / SPI
Senior Product Owner, SPI Buyer Direct

Ray is the Senior Product Owner of SPI’s Buyer Direct and has been involved in it’s inception, building, marketing and delivery for 20 years. Ray defines all aspects of the building of Buyer Direct and continues to drive innovation for all SPI retail products. Ray has over 30 years of experience in the software industry.

Ray received his Bachelors degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha.



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