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Zumbox CEO John Payne Discusses Digital Postal Mail Technology: How It Works, And How Atlanta Utility Companies Cobb EMC and Gas South Will Leverage The Technology To Cut Mailing Costs And Improve Customer Communications.

John Payne serves as the CEO of Zumbox. The company provides the world’s first platform for digital postal systems –connecting large transactional, financial and government mailers to consumer households for the delivery and storage ofdigital postal mail via the Internet.

Payne is an experienced technology industry CEO with a track record in the mailing industry, consumer and small businessInternet services, enterprise software, network and application security, Software as a Service and wireless.

He is the former Chairman and CEO of (NASDAQ: STMP), a profitable pioneering “software-as-a-service” providerthat leads the market for postage delivered over the Internet from the US Postal Service. While at Stamps, he lead thedevelopment of the company’s operating business and the company’s $65 million IPO and a $365 million secondary offeringco-managed by Goldman Sachs and Salomon Smith Barney.

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Geoff Gillon: The Pink Plumber, Stan Friedman: FranConnect, Bernadette Boas: Shedding The Corporate Bitch, CPA: Cathy Iconis, Plus . . . Afternoon In The Country with Atlanta Les Dames d’Escoffier International’s Mary Moore, Barbara Petit, and Sue Anne Morgan

Throughout the month, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we see many companies jump on the “pink bandwagon” simply for the month of October. Yet, about a year ago, one company in particular, The Pink Plumber, decided to change its entire corporate structure and devote its energyand financial resources to the cause. It’s now ingrained in the company and all of its employees, including many who have loved ones also affected by breast cancer to support this important cause.

Owner Geoff Gillon has a reason to be passionate about breast cancer research. He had a very personal experience with the disease, as his mother was diagnosed several years ago and is now a survivor. He helped her through tough times as she battled the disease and shared his story with his employees. As he sought to find meaning in the ordeal, he had an idea: to use his company to make a difference, and do what he could to raise awareness of the cause. As a result, last year, Aames Plumbing morphed into “the Pink Plumber.” Gillon painted his fleet of 40 trucks pink and completely re-branded the company. He sat each employee down and shared with them his mission. And he started giving back.

Gillon gives back 5% of his net profits year-round — and has done so since the company morphed philanthropically in March of 2010. The Pink Plumber has already donated $20,000 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation this year alone. And this month, he will raise the percentage donated to 10% and focus on helping provide mammograms for under or uninsured women.


A twenty plus year veteran of franchising, Stan Friedman is an “outside the box” thinker. In 1998, while directing global development for Blimpie International, he created an Urban Expansion initiative that was heralded by the media, as well as leaders of both the public and private sectors. This culminated in an invitation to the White House, where he participated in the President’s “Conference for Community Empowerment.”

Stan is a member of the board of the Southeast Franchise Forum and serves the International Franchise Association, (IFA) as First Vice-Chair of its Diversity Institute. He is a frequent speaker at business development conferences nationwide, contributes regularly to the IFA’s Franchising World Magazine and posts regularly to the blog at StanFriedman is also the proud recipient of the IFA’s 2010 Ronald E. Harrison Diversity Award.

Specialties: Franchise development, franchise relations, marketing and public relations. Stan’s specialty is maximizing the valueproposition of franchising, for all parties concerned.

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Shedding the Corporate Bitch is a personal story of author, Bernadette Boas, that details hertransformation from sassy young girl, into a greedy, power driven, and ego led corporate woman. Itwasn’t until she shed or let go of all of the angst, attitude and negative mindset, was she able to findhappiness and riches in her life!

Bernadette will be a Featured Speaker at Pena Global’s “Stay In The Game” Business SummitJanuary 14, 2012


The elite Afternoon in the Country event is in its 11 year as a much-anticipated fall food and wine tasting fundraiser.It includes inspired tastings by 85 of the area’s renowned culinary artists, paired with local farmers, and joined by top winemakers and brewers under festive big-top tents with live music, the famous cake raffle, huge silent auction and children’s activities. Proceeds benefit Georgia Organics and the scholarship fund for women in the culinary, beverage and hospitality arts. The event is hosted by Atlanta Les Dames d’Escoffier International, is held at Serenbe and is produced by ideaLand.

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Author Pat Huddleston Talks About His New Release: The Vigilant Investor, Dynasis President David Moorman Explains The Cloud, And User Insight’s Eric Holtzclaw Helps Us Understand Social TV

Investors today face a perfect storm that threatens to make them forget Bernie Madoff. Demographic shifts. Underfunded pension plans. Inevitably less generous social security. A sour economy. Hamstrung regulators.

They all add up to an environment in which investment fraud is flourishing. As much as we like to think otherwise, we aren’t born with the skills necessary to survive an encounter with a reckless stockbroker or a cleverly-disguised fraud.

There are things at play in our brains behind the curtain of our conscious thought that make us pre-wired to fall for a financial fraud. There are cognitive biases and perceptual limitations that make us all vulnerable. Traditional due diligence methods have not yet factored those things into a pre-investment investigation.

Former SEC Enforcement Branch Chief Pat Huddleston has written a new book, The Vigilant Investor, which tells us how to recognize our limitations and account for them in a way that allows us to protect ourselves and those we love from the predators who crowd the investing landscape. Professor Burton Malkiel (Princeton University), author of the best selling A Random Walk Down Wall Street calls Pat “The investor’s perfect teacher.”

Pat Huddleston joined the Enforcement Division of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in 1990 as an Enforcement Attorney. Less than two years later, he accepted a promotion to Enforcement Branch Chief, leading a team of Enforcement Attorneys in nationwide investigations of cases involving suspected insider trading, brokerage firm misconduct, and scams of every stripe.

Since returning to private law practice he has represented investors in securities litigation and arbitration. He currently serves as court-appointed receiver in SEC fraud cases, cleaning up the mess left in the wake of the collapse of those scams and working to recover assets for defrauded investors. In 2006, Pat founded Investor’s Watchdog, LLC, a due diligence company that conducts pre-investment investigations on brokers, RIAs, and unregistered investments.

Investor’s Watchdog has conducted investigations for clients all over the world and helped save millions in retirement savings that otherwise would have been lost to cleverly disguised frauds. Pat has appeared as an expert guest on television, most recently on Fox Business News and on Chicago’s Monsters and Money. He has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, and Wired magazine, among other publications. He blogs on investment scams and investor protection issues every weekday at You can follow him onTwitter where his handle is scamdemic.


David J. Moorman is Founder and President of DynaSis. David holds executive responsibility for the company’s strategic development as well as its overall operations.

Since creating DynaSis, David has successfully implemented complete financial systems for several of the company’s clients, including Outback Steakhouse International and Heavenly Ham. He is also credited with implementing network systems for the Scientific Games Corporation (the leading supplier of instant tickets, systems and services to lotteries), as well as designing and implementing technology for over 300 businesses in their last 20 years.


In January of this year, User Insight embarked upon a year long research project to study how people consume TV and related content.

The project, titled “The Social TV Experiment,” is focused on understanding behaviors exhibited in consumers’ homes and how the social TV revolution is impacting how people watch, interact and consume TV and advertising content. On October 20th, User Insight’s Social TV Event will unveil these findings at a virtual conference that will feature industry experts from television, social media and advertising.

As CEO, Eric Holtzclaw identifies strategic service offerings and oversees operational excellence and innovation across User Insight’s business. Eric’s 20+ years of experience include work for a variety of successful startup companies including GeoMedica, Information America, OneCoast and CyberSource. Eric has been responsible for the successful implementation of more than 30 consumer oriented and internal use products and services throughout the UnitedStates, Canada, Europe and Saudi Arabia. Follow Eric on Twitter at @eholtzclaw – linked-in profile: