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Curated Collection Of The Best Interviews From Our Sandy Springs Studio

High Velocity Interviews Danny Broadway With YEPSER And Glam-Mother, Nellie Myers

The Guy with the Movie Star Name


One thing you probably won’t find very often is Danny in the office. His strength is building relationships and working with people. There is hardly ever a room in which Danny will find himself a stranger. This talent has greatly contributed to the rapid growth and expansion of Yepser in the last few years.

With a Business Degree and an MBA from Belmont University, Danny takes pride in challenging himself to be the best at everything he can. Over the last seven years he has trained and led more than 200 sales people across the country to be the best they can be.

Danny, his wife and two children have lived in the Atlanta area since 2007. He is very active in the youth programs at Fellowship Bible Church, as well as throughout the Atlanta community with different business associations, Chambers of Commerce and community events. If you haven’t seen Danny around Atlanta, then you haven’t been out and about recently in Atlanta.



Nellie Myers is a visionary, dynamic, results-oriented business strategist. She has successfully executed complex and high profile programs while propelling operational growth and profitability during the course of her 35 year career. Her ability to provide continuous improvement in process, cost, quality and productivity has led to an average of 20% growth year over year.

As a mentor and coach, Nellie empowered and encouraged her staff to surpass goals and objectives in her corporate role. In addition she had led major training initiatives, from the planning stage through tactical execution: aligning change efforts with business goals.

In 2009 left the corporate world to rewire and become an entrepreneur, in the summer of 2010 she launched Glam-Mother, LLC. Glam-Mother’s mission is to redefine the image of grandmothers to ensure these women celebrate all that they have achieve, to develop a community through the usage of social media for these women to celebrate the next leg of their journey.

High Velocity Interviews Speaker / Author Bob Doyle and Concourse Athletic Club’s Suzanne Cypert

Bob Doyle is the CEO of Boundless Living, Inc., personal development company based in Atlanta, GA. He is the creator and facilitator of the Wealth Beyond Reason Program, a powerful multimedia curriculum on the Law of Attraction and its practical applications.

Bob is also a composer, writer, and photographer. You’ll find him online at or



Suzanne Cypert, General Manager Concourse Athletic Club

High Velocity Interviews Jeff Graves With Mudathlon and Karen Cosgrove With Miles That Matter

An Inspiring Conversation About A Mucking Good Time . . .

This is NOT your Grandfather’s 5k !!!

Today we learned about this unusual series of events that Jeff Graves and his team have lined up, and we spoke with “Miles That Matter” Trainer / Fitness Expert, Karen Cosgrove — avid Mudathlon participant and Flagship Sponsor.

Enjoy . . . And don’t be surprised if Business RadioX shows up at some of these events for a Remote Broadcast !

High Velocity Interviews Speaker / Author Glenn Carver

We kicked off June with Speaker / Author Glenn Carver, discussing his new book set to hit the shelves in early September, and sure to be a “Hot” item . . .

“Stand in the Heat – Lessons from Legendary Entrepreneurs on Staying Cool Under Pressure” is the first book in a series by Glenn Carver on staying calm in the face of adversity. Inspired by the publishing phenomenon, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Glenn Carver aspires to create a world-class brand that will be a resource of hope, strategy, humor and results for millions of people struggling in the direction of their dreams.

Listen to our interview above, and then reach out to Glenn to reserve your Signed Copy today: