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High Velocity Radio Interviews Shani Leccima With Married Millions


We are Sam and Shani Leccima. We have been in business with each other for 11 years and married for 9. We have been blessed with four beautiful daughters and love spending time with them. We are real estate investors, business coaches, speakers, and authors.

In 2007, we were looking for a website for people like us; married and running a business together. However, we couldn’t find one, so we created that resource, We love building our business together and have had the pleasure of networking with other couples who run businesses together also. Our website provides business start-up information for couples that want to start a business with their spouse. We give many low-cost to no-cost ways to help you run your business. Our company has, “The Website Where Couples Learn How To: W.I.N. Work Together- Inspire Each Other, and- Nurture Their Spouse’s Skills and Talents”

We have profiled over 200 married business owners on our website. You can learn about them in our blog posts, videos and podcasts. We believe that one couple’s success is another couple’s education. Take a little time to see, hear, and read their stories.

High Velocity Radio Interviews Carlos Quintero, Co-Author of RAINMAKER! Making the Leap from Salesperson to Sales CATALYST

Carlos Quintero - Co-Author, RAINMAKER!  Making the Leap from Salesperson to Sales CATALYST

On today’s show, we gave you a sneak preview of “Write Here, Write Now” — introducing Dr. Tim Morrison, who will be hosting this latest addition to our expanding Business RadioX line up every Tuesday 10am Eastern.

Dr. Tim and I then turned our attention toward visiting with Carlos Quintero to talk about his latest release (co-authored w/ Nancy Sutherland) . . . RAINMAKER! Making the Leap from Salesperson to Sales CATALYST

High Velocity Radio Interviews Michael Van Osch, Sally Williamson, Mike Feeley, and Dave Pearce

Sally Williamson: Executive Coaching, Winning Presentations, Persuasive Selling

Sally Williamson is a leading resource for improving the impact of spoken communication and executive presence. She is a 27 year veteran of developing key messages and coaching executives to deliver them effectively.

Sally specializes in executive coaching and developing custom workshops for groups that focus on improving spoken communication skills, ranging from formal presentations to everyday communication, as well as selling situations. She coaches interpersonal communication skills, helping individuals improve their executive presence and overall impressions.


Sally’s Coordinates:

Sally Williamson & Associates Website
News Certified Expert



Michael Van Osch: Think Tank Men

A man with a mission…

Michael Van Osch is Founder and CEO of thinktank:men, a company and online destination dedicated to helping men grow their businesses and careers to levels they never thought possible. All that combined with the leadership you want to become the man you always wanted to be.

A coach with innate ability to get you to your best …

An inspiring leader and in-demand speaker and coach, he provides tools and support to marketing men and business owners that want to do more than simply survive, but to thrive and grow. Michael works with a very small number of motivated men per year, men who aren’t afraid of facing the change they desire.

A perspective that rushes you out of being stuck …

Author of the book, One Man’s Life, he has also been featured as a writer on men’s issues on and in HMM men’s magazine. A co-founder of the men’s group The Last Six, Michael holds certification with Coach Training Alliance, and is a certified facilitator of The Passion Test.

A lifetime of self-development study, a former (and reformed) agency VP with a marketing career spanning some of the biggest brands such as Samsung and Coca-Cola, professional training and years of being on stage in front of thousands, plus a desire to bring men back to their individual, innate power…all point to this moment.

A drive that matches your own …

A man in your corner. A man to help you get to that place. To become the man you always wanted to be. Michael had a lot of help along the way and now he’s a resource and ally to get you where you want to go. Start now, what are you waiting for?



ProComm Advisors

ProComm provides a full array of network solutions for both residential and business customers including:

Wireless Phones and Mobile Wireless Broadband
Dynamic T1
Local PRI
Dedicated Internet Access and Routers
Metro Ethernet
Private Line
SIP Trunks
Integrated Access for Voice, Data and Internet
Switched and Dedicated Long-Distance and Toll-Free
BizLocalSM phone service
Frame Relay
Call Center Solutions
Web hosting and development services
Call Analysis Software for detailed billing reports
Multimedia Conferencing
Network Marketing Services for organizations who wish to sell telecom products within a private label

High Velocity Radio Interviews Michael Putnam, Walter Akana, and Josh Letourneau

Mikko USA

Founded in 2005, MIKKO USA is a home electronics company specializing in the development of media control solutions that make it possible for parents to manage the amount of time their children spend watching television, playing video games and on the Internet.

According to MIKKO founders, Michael Putnam and Joe Paonessa, their own need for a simple, effective time-management solution for their families’ home entertainment systems defines the company’s mission.

For Michael, his 11-year-old daughter was literally glued to the television — to the point where conversation wasn’t even possible without the precursory “turn off the television” dispute. And Joe once found his 12-year-old son pulling an all-nighter trying to beat a video game with a box of Hershey Bars, his Play Station 2 and the travel television smuggled from the family’s SUV.

Almost every parent has a similar story — and almost every parent has searched for an effective, non-confrontational solution.

Hence, the MIKKO Que — an easy-to-use timing system that enables parents to manage and monitor the amount of time a child may spend on a particular entertainment system connected to a lock box that interrupts video and audio signals.


Walter Akana:Threshold Consulting

With his smart, holistic approach, Walter Akana supports mid-career professionals in making conscious plans that enable them to achieve more self direction in their careers and lives. Embodying his philosophy, “It’s your life, own it,” Walter has built his life around his core strengths and values.

Walter first realized that he needed to ‘march to the beat of his own drum’ when he designed an independent course of study in an emerging field in psychology, during his senior year in college. As he earned his masters in social work, he broke ranks with the more psychoanalytic bent of his school to look at behavioral approaches to change. He later translated his social work career into a corporate career in training and development, first in retail merchandising and ultimately as a professional development manager in corporate and investment banking.

After a satisfying corporate career, Walter made the decision to focus on helping others better deal with the career and life transitions they face. As an accomplished career professional, and certified Personal Branding Strategist, he is well positioned to help his clients more actively and effectively manage their careers. With certification as a retirement coach, he is able to help clients attend to lifestyle choices that will provide better day-to-day balance while laying a foundation to enjoy the next phase of life.

Walter is perfectly positioned, as a life strategist, to help his clients with mid-life transitions, because he empathizes with their desire for more control of their own destinies and their desire for more satisfaction in all parts of their lives. He devised his structured life-planning process to minimize the feeling of being overwhelmed and to ensure that all aspects of life are taken into consideration.

When not coaching clients on developing new strategies for living a fuller more satisfying life — the passion that pays the bills — Walter enjoys working out and sharing other high energy experiences with friends, taking and sharing digital photos, discovering new music, and enjoying moments of quiet contemplation.


Josh Letourneau: Knight and Bishop

At Knight & Bishop (SDVOSB), our goal is simple: To help you solve any organizational or performance-related challenges you might have by identifying and focusing on the Informal Networks that drive how work really gets done at your company.

Here’s what we mean: The OrgChart (prescribed, formal, hierarchical structure) only describes approximately 30% of how work gets done and information/knowledge flows. This means that 70% of what is happening is largely invisible, driven through informal networks. Once we are aware of what is truly happening, we are then able to intelligently intervene in targeted ways to drive performance and collaboration.

Our approach is to take a “Network-Inward” approach (as opposed to the status quo “Individual-Outward” approach), where we focus on the overall network itself (i.e. at the 40k ft level) and then work inward to the Division (4k ft level), SBU, Team, Leader (400 ft level), and Individual level (4 ft level). This differentiates our approach from most firms that focus on the individual first, hoping that node-centric interventions will somehow drive better network performance.

We make these informal networks visible through Social Network Analysis (SNA), also known as Organizational Network Analysis (ONA), which is the mapping and measuring of flows (information, knowledge, etc.) between people and roles within your organization.

Depending on your unique situation, examples of networks that we can make visible include:

– Information-Flow Network (i.e. the “Work Network”)
– Social Network
– Innovation Network
– Expert-Knowledge Network
– Career-Guidance or Strategic Network
– Customer-Focus Network
– Decision-Making Network
– Revenue-Collaboration Network, etc.


High Velocity Radio Guest Host Dr. Tim Morrison Interviews Tricia Molloy

Tricia Molloy: Crave Your Goals!

To get a copy of the “CRAVE Your Book Goals!” article and subscribe to the Working with Wisdom enewsletter, send an email to

Tricia Molloy is a business productivity expert who speaks for organizations that want to inspire their people to achieve their goals and perform at their best every day.

A professional speaker and mentor, Tricia is the author of “Divine Wisdom at Work: 10 Universal Principles for Enlightened Entrepreneurs” and the “CRAVE Your Goals!” ebook.

She started her own public relations firm, Molloy Communications, in 1988 to support the success of other passionate business owners. Throughout her life and career, she has always used universal principles and has counseled clients and colleagues to do the same.

Known as “The Queen of Serene,” Tricia’s wise, peaceful presence and common-sense advice are welcome in today’s challenging, complex business environment. Through Working with Wisdom® talks, workshops, retreat programs, teleseminars and webinars, Tricia inspires business people to achieve their goals faster and easier by capitalizing on the power of their subconscious mind and life-changing principles—like Visualization, Affirmations and Gratitude. Her most popular program, CRAVE Your Goals!®, presents a powerful, practical five-step system for attracting what you desire and deserve. A seasoned business owner and marketing consultant, Tricia also offers one-on-one, short-term Wisdom Mentoring for Entrepreneurs.

Tricia is a member of the National Speakers Association, the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau and Georgia Meeting Professionals International, and is a resource speaker for Vistage International, the world’s leading chief executive organization. She is a contributing author in “Good Business: Putting Spiritual Principles Into Practice at Work” (Unity House, 2010). The “Working with Wisdom for Project Managers” course and webinar series for professional development unit (PDU) credits is available through PDUs2GO.

A native New Yorker, Tricia earned her broadcast journalism degree from New York University and was an award-winning radio talk show producer in New York and Phoenix before becoming an entrepreneur. On a personal note, Tricia and her husband, Rick, live in the Atlanta suburb of Marietta with their teenage twins, Connor and Allyson, and their joyful Golden Retrievers, Honey and Lucy.


Special Thanks To Guest Host, Dr. Tim Morrison


Great Job Dr. Tim !!!