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Chris Guillebeau: The Art Of Non-Conformity

Chris Guillebeau: The Art Of Non-Conformity

It was a real pleasure to have Chris Guillebeau on the High Velocity Radio Show yesterday. He is someone we have admired for some time. Chris spent a few minutes with us to talk about his latest book, his writing disciplines, why he decided to travel to every country in the world, and how people can live an unconventional life.

Why did Chris write this book, The Art of Non-Conformity?

“You don’t have to live your life the way other people expect you to. You can do good things for yourself and make the world a better place at the same time. Here’s how to do it.”

Be sure to meet Chris this coming Thursday evening during the Atlanta stop on his Unconventional Book Tour! You can meet him Thursday, October 28th, at Urban Oasis (130 A Krog St in Atlanta, GA).

Here is where you can buy Chris’ book (affiliate link):

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Jane McCracken: Proventus Group


Getting a medical product to market is a challenge involving complex processes, limited budgets, increasing regulation and tight timelines alongside pressures from investors, shareholders, co-developers and partners. From time to time you need outside assistance to meet these challenges. And that is what The Proventus Group can provide.

We like our clients to think of Proventus as their “tool box” that they can reach for when a problem needs fixing or a loose end tightened. Whether it’s a strategic issue, operational need or organizational challenge, the team at Proventus can bring insight, make practical recommendations, build on your existing capabilities and deliver lasting value. We are problem solvers with a passion for execution.

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Tim Morrison: Writing Secrets


You want to write for publication-a book, a report for work, a legacy for your children. Perhaps you’ve already started jotting down notes and got stuck or maybe you haven’t the faintest clue how to get the important stuff you know onto the page in a polished form.

And once you’re satisfied that the written document reflects your thoughts, how do you find a publisher? What do publishers look for in a manuscript? Even if you manage to get started, how can you stay on track and complete the project? To most of us, writing and publishing is a mysterious, overwhelming, and nearly impossible task. Too many aspiring authors give up their writing dreams and shelve their project out of fear, frustration, or lack of direction.

Write-Choice Services, Inc. Helps Authors Produce the Best Possible Product
Now, more and more successful writers are discovering the power of professional assistance when writing, editing, and preparing their writing projects for publication. Write-Choice Services, Inc. provides a variety of services designed to help you produce and polish the best possible product, including books, memoirs, articles, family history, or corporate reports.

Avoid the confusion, anxiety, and expense of the unknown by partnering with a professional book development service.

Tim Morrison, DMin, ND, owner and president of Write-Choice Services, Inc., has had an extensive writing career in addition to experience in education, training and counseling. His publishing credits include articles for New Life Journal, Recycle/SCAN magazine, Group magazine, RECYCLE II Catalogue, Hard Times Catalog for Youth, and a chapter in Maria Harris’ book, Portrait of Youth Ministry.

Dr. Morrison’s third book – A Walk in the Spirit: Creating Dramatic Monologues through Lectio Divina – was released in September 2008. November 2008 saw the release of Crafting Personal Legacy Statements, a book that Tim co-authored with Atty. Don West, Jr.

Healing Plants of the Bible, Dr. Morrison’s first book, was published in 2002. He followed that with three booklets, which he continues to use in his teaching and counseling service: Writing One’s Way to Better Well-being, Playing One’s Way to Better Well-being, and Meditating One’s Way to Better Well-being. His second book, Letters To My Sons, published in 2005, was written to share his life’s journey with his children and to encourage readers to write their own stories for future generations.

In addition to his published writing, Tim has over 25 years of experience in crafting powerful speeches and insightful seminar and workshop presentations. He has also written and coached others in writing monthly, quarterly and annual reports and a variety of newsletters as well.

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Marna Friedman: Strategic Self Publishing


The Strategic Self-Publishing Conference was created to help thought leaders and subject matter experts leverage their expertise through self-publishing. New technologies have made it possible to quickly and cost effectively produce professional publications that can be distributed through multiple channels. In the past, self-publishing was considered “vanity” publishing, but that is no longer true. Today self-published books are available in bookstores, libraries and online distribution centers.

This Conference will help attendees better understand this process and how to develop strategies to help them leverage their books to enhance their businesses. We have developed the Conference Agenda to provide attendees with some hands-on knowledge and industry expertise so that they are better prepared for the journey.

Our Strategic Self Publishing package will be released at the conference and will retail for $147. This kit includes a binder that takes you through the steps of self-publishing, while our handbook provides you with questionnaires and checklists to help you strategize and understand your goals in self-publishing. The binder will also include a directory of self-publishing resources.

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