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Leslie Kuban: Franchise Business Consultant of Atlanta


A FranNet consultant since 1999, Leslie Kuban provides education and support to individuals who are interested in owning franchised businesses. Leslie has helped more than 240 people make the transition from corporate life to business ownership, and she credits her personal experience as a franchise owner with giving her the perspective to help clients find the quality of life they want.

Upon graduating from Vanderbilt University, Leslie had already operated family-owned franchises, and she became a franchise owner herself in 1996. As the operating partner of a Mail Boxes Etc. franchise, Leslie joined the local support team to assist other MBE franchise owners successfully run their businesses. Leslie continues as a franchise owner today as a FranNet franchisee.

According to Leslie, “My role is to provide education on the franchise industry and help you find the right solution to reach your goals. My services are no cost and help you understand the pros and cons of owning a business.”

Leslie received the FranNet Consultant of the Year awards in 2002 and 2004; the FranNet Top Gun Award in 2007; and the Commitment to Excellence award in 2009.

Leslie is the VP of Membership for the Atlanta chapter of the Association of Career Professionals International (ACPI). Leslie has served as VP of PR, VP of Education, and President of her Toastmasters Club.

When she’s not helping clients find their ideal businesses, Leslie is an active sponsor of the Atlanta Humane Society and Literacy Volunteers of America. She enjoys reading, salsa dancing, knitting, running, and socializing with friends and family.

Leslie graduated from Vanderbilt University with a BA in Communications Studies. She also attended the University of Leeds in Leeds, England as part of her course of study.

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Russell Longcore: Insurance Claim Secrets Revealed


Insurance companies today are using the business philosophy of “Delay, Deny and Defend” when handling claims. They know that this puts financial pressure on policyholders and claimants, and pressure makes policyholders and claimants more likely to accept a reduced claim settlement.

You must learn the claim strategies that the insurance companies know already so that you can maximize your claim settlement. No matter what kind of insurance claim you are submitting, you will lose thousands of dollars without these winning claims strategies.

Russell is one of those rare individuals who found the perfect career, and loves every minute of his work. In his career as an insurance adjuster, he has handled claims as simple as a water leak in a home, and claims as complicated as multi-million dollar commercial property and liability losses.

Russell Longcore is also a Risk Manager and Claims Consultant. He analyzes all the risks that a business faces and assists the business in implementing a comprehensive risk management program. He makes recommendations on Risk Retention, Loss Analysis, and proper insurance coverages. He also assists businesses in the purchase of proper coverage for their individual needs.

Russell has a breadth of knowledge and wisdom about insurance, money, and life. He is married to “his Redhead” Julie, and has three wonderful children, and three even more wonderful grandchildren.

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Steve Siebold: How Rich People Think


Steve Siebold, CSP trains sales and management teams how to increase sales through his unique blend of mental toughness training.

Salespeople learn how to control their thoughts, feelings, and attitudes before, during and after the sales presentation. Managers learn how to become a mentally tough coach and leader with their sales representatives.

Steve Siebold speaks from real world experience as a former professional athlete, national coach, and international businessman. He began studying Mental Toughness Training as a world-class junior tennis player in the 1970’s.

Steve’s clients include Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, Procter & Gamble, GlaxoSmithKline, to name a few; as well as thousands of direct salespeople in 10 countries worldwide.

Steve has been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, BBC Television Europe, NBC Australia, CBS, FOX, and dozens of other television, radio, newspapers and magazines around the globe. His books, video and audio programs have been sold in 30 countries around the world. Two of his four books on Mental Toughness are international best-sellers, and considered by many experts to be the gold standard in the field of psychological performance training for sales teams.

As a professional speaker, Steve has been awarded the Certified Professional Speaker designation from the National Speakers Association. Steve ranks among the top 1% of income earners in the professional speaking industry worldwide.

In December 2001, Steve was appointed to the National Charity Awards Committee, Chaired by President George W. Bush. Other committee members included Merv Griffin, Pat Boone, and Cheryl Ladd.

Steve lives in Georgia with his wife of 25 years, Dawn Andrews Siebold.

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Michelle Grey and Michelle Cooper: Student Organizers


Helping students achieve more successful school years while instilling confidence and developing abilities that can lead to a lifetime of continued achievement, healthier family dynamics and increased self-esteem.

Results are achieved by identifying the student’s individual learning style to understand the manner in which his or her brain processes information and by implementing organizational systems than honor and respect the student’s natural gifts and preferences.
Michelle Cooper

An Atlanta native, wife and mother of 2 children (and a dog), Michelle Cooper was born with good organizational skills, which she has continued to sharpen throughout her professional career. Armed with a business degree from the University of Florida, she began her career in Corporate America in 1990.

Within a few years, she decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and build her own business as a professional Realtor. In 1994 she embarked on a successful and extremely busy career with Harry Norman, Realtors in Atlanta.

After 10 years and ready for a career change, she had a conversation with a friend and colleague who thought all of about 5 seconds and said, “You need to become a professional organizer!” Michelle’s strong organizational and interpersonal skills served her well as a Realtor, and as soon as she heard this suggestion, she knew it was the right fit!

After reaffirming her expertise with extensive research into the professional organizing business, all the pieces came together, and Put It There was formed in 2003. Through her years as an organizer, she has gained experience working in both residential and small office settings. In 2007, she earned the prestigious Certified Professional Organizer designation as a member of the first group to pass the exam and qualify. Michelle is a member of NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers, NAPO-GA and the NSGCD, the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization.
Michelle Grey

Michelle Grey was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. She attended Carnegie Mellon University and received a BS in Information Systems and Business and later attended Columbia University and received Masters Degree in Organizational Psychology.

Michelle worked for over 10 years in New York City for several large companies including: Arthur Andersen and Co., AT&T, Citibank, Merrill Lynch and Nomura Securities holding various Management Consulting and Human Resources positions.

In 2002, Michelle formed AIP Organizing Solutions. She was eager to apply the combination of her business background, her formal education and life experience to the business of Professional Organizing. Michelle and her associates have been working with small businesses and residential clients to help them reach their full potential by becoming more efficient and productive. AIP’s goal is to develop personalized easily maintained organizational systems for each client.

Aside from being a mother to her two children and a wife to her husband, professional organizing is one of Michelle’s greatest passions. She is a member of both the National Association of Professional Organizers and the Georgia chapter of the association as well as the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization. In 2007, Michelle became a Certified Professional Organizer and was a member of the first group of organizers to pass the exam and qualify for this distinction having had the requisite experience.

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