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Stone Payton and Lee Kantor bring you the High Velocity Radio Show each Monday 10am Eastern — interviewing Top Performers Producing Better Results In Less Time










DesireeDesiree Scales hosts the High Velocity Radio show on Tuesdays at 2pm EST, and interviews thought leaders who are blazing a trail in their industry by thinking out of the box and breaking new ground. These leaders share their stories and inspire us all to take a new look at what’s possible and challenge what was thought to be impossible.

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Podcast: Play in new window | Download   Naomi Salberg   In 1990, Naomi Salberg began working for internationally-recognized Emory University. For the 12 years she worked there, she worked with faculty and staff, helping them with their department’s goal setting and implementation, recruitment and staffing, training, team building and individual growth and development. After […] [more]

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Lynn Bring / Kelly Bring, Inc.  Kelly Bring, Inc. is a consulting firm focusing on process improvement designed to assist businesses expand their existing models and solve pain areas with validated solutions by utilizing Six Sigma methodology with a rigorous organizational change conditioning program. We identify the shared […] [more]

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Sander owns and runs Thought Horizon, a B2B social selling consultancy based on principles he learned while working for a major telecom provider for the past 17 years. Sander’s proven approach helps B2B sales and marketing teams work together to create content and engagement with target markets and customers. Sander […] [more]

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