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Todd Barton / Renters Warehouse Atlanta Managing Director Renters Warehouse is one of the fastest-growing and highest-reviewed property management companies in America. This full-service company offers homeowners a quick and convenient way to turn their house into a long-term investment property and provides peace-of-mind for both owners and tenants. In 2015, the company officially trademarked the … [more]

  Chris Mitchell / MFG.com CMO Chris Mitchell is a seasoned marketer with considerable digital and e-commerce marketing experience, especially in building online applications and marketplaces. He founded or co-founded several internet startups and also served as director of user experience for MFG.com between 2005 and 2007, where he designed all aspects of the MFG.com website … [more]

Jonathan Clues / StudentBridge Founder and Vice-Chairman Jonathan Clues is the vision and entrepreneur behind StudentBridge. His original career as a professional racing driver netted over 20 race wins and two national championships. After hanging up his helmet, Jonathan turned his attention to the Internet and started several web companies in his hometown of London. Passionate … [more]

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