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Stone Payton and Lee Kantor bring you the High Velocity Radio Show each week¬†— interviewing Top Performers Producing Better Results In Less Time








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  Alan Allard / alanallard.com Sales Growth Expert/Coach/Speaker/Trainer Alan is a former psychotherapist and an expert in human behavior and performance who now coaches and trains sales professionals for dramatic sales results. As a therapist, Alan enabled his clients to overcome their biggest challenges in life. As a sales coach, Alan empowers salespeople to overcome … [more]

  Jennie Rodriguez / andTransformation Founder Jennie Rodriguez leads innovative strategic change, with a specific focus on moving organizations forward, under the brand and Transformation. Jennie works to make change in organizations better, easier and less disruptive. She is a forward-focused leader who aligns organizations to design and deliver al-ways-evolving, transformative change. Rodriguez connects leaders … [more]

  Gerald McDowell / Aerotropolis Executive Director Gerald McDowell, originally from Hope Mills, N.C., graduated from DeVry University in Atlanta in 1987 with a B.S. in Computer Information Systems.¬† He spent more than 18 years in the IT industry, managing projects in more than 40 states and 12 countries, and he was also a small … [more]

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